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Foreclosure is an emotional and stressful event for homeowners; many times homeowners do not understand the liabilities of foreclosure or their options.  Our purpose is to assist and educate homeowners in foreclosure and help them negotiate with their lenders to find a win win situation for both and stop the foreclosure.  In the foreclosure process, one thing should be kept in mind: as a general rule, a lender would rather receive payments or a payoff than receive a home due to foreclosure.  Lenders are not in the business of managing property or selling homes and will often try to accommodate homeowners who are having payment problems.  We strive to help the homeowner avoid foreclosure by negotiating with the lender in an attempt at keeping the homeowner in their home when possible or initiating alternate solutions that provide homeowners in foreclosure exit strategies while maintaining their dignity to the greatest extent possible.  Additionally, it is our goal to provide you with information to help you understand your tax, credit, and deficiency liabilities and to negotiate for you to minimize those liabilities when possible however, you should always consult your tax advisor or attorney for specific information concerning these liabilities.

If you know you are delinquent on your payments or have received a Notice of Default (NOD) time is not on your side and you must act quickly.  Should you have any questions after reviewing the information on our website or desire a no obligation consultation please email us now or call directly at 800-578-0899.  Your confidentiality and trust are important to us and we will treat your situation with respect and hold your interests above all others involved.

Randall & Grace Hood

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